mánudagur, 14. desember 2009

Nothing is as scary as a blank piece of paper!

In Iceland, it does happen, but very rarely that one sees other people draw. But usually you find out they are foreigners. My visual artist friends, Kalli Kalde and Peeter Krosmann from Estonia were not shy to experiment with new tools and did these striking likenesses of me - Mamma mía!

Peeter didnt take long.
Reminds me of some character from "Wind in the willows" or ?

Kalli experimented with brushpen
and coffee which she liked very much!

Here are some other pictures done of me recently:

Jói Vald gerði þess á góðri stund á Boston nú í haust

Kristbergur rumpaði þessu af á sekúndubroti

Aðalsteinn Ingólfsson á þetta líka til!

Scary stuff!

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